Insulation & Waterproofing Building Solutions in Aurora, CO

Aurora property owners need insulation and waterproofing solutions that will provide excellent protection for their greatest asset: their buildings.

Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing has partnered with building owners, builders and architects for over 35 years to deliver unique solutions on time and within budget nationwide.

Our professionals have the expertise to offer essential insulation and waterproofing services for buildings in a variety of industries in Aurora, including retail establishments, commercial office buildings, medical centers and more.

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Commercial Insulation Contractors

The right type of insulation for a particular building or industry will vary depending on what you need the insulation to do. The Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing team will listen to your goals and recommend the right types of commercial insulation your building needs to control sound, air, heat or moisture.

We install:

Spray Foam Insulation

Blankets and batts are the most common types of commercial insulation, but buildings in any industry that need both acoustical insulation and waterproofing can benefit from spray foam insulation.

Spray foam insulation offers the highest R-value per inch of any insulation type. It’s energy-efficient and will expand into every crevice of a hard-to-reach area, making it an excellent choice to insulate tight spaces.

Our technicians are professionally trained to install sprayed cellulose and fiberglass insulation products manufactured by nationally recognized spray insulation manufacturers.

Commercial Expansion Joint Contractors

Thermal expansion and contraction caused by Aurora’s weather and local emergencies can take a toll on your building’s expansion joints. The Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing team installs expansion joints in commercial construction projects.

We also repair and replace existing expansion joints that have been damaged due to movement, moisture, airborne pollutants or general deterioration.

Photoluminescent Signage

Emergency lighting that requires a power source can be hazardous if the backup power source fails. Photoluminescent signage produces light for 30+ minutes, providing crucial time for employees, visitors and clients to exit your building in a crisis.

We install photoluminescent exit signs and lighting strips that are code-compliant and don’t require a power source.

Commercial & Industrial Waterproofing

The experts at Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing create custom waterproofing systems to fit the unique needs of every client or product.

Waterproofing systems we install include:

Firestopping System Installation

Containing a fire in a single room or area allows occupants and visitors more time to evacuate safely. Our team provides commercial firestopping services to seal areas in a structure where flames, gases and smoke are likely to spread.

We install these firestopping systems in commercial buildings:

  • Calking and sealants
  • Insulation and fire blankets
  • Mortars
  • Intumescent coatings
  • Collars

Spray Fireproofing

Adding a spray-applied fireproofing product can provide up to a four-hour rating to your building’s steel structural support. Our expert team is trained to install intumescent fireproofing, cementitious fireproofing and sprayed fiber fireproofing.

Choose Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing in Aurora, CO

For over three decades, Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing has provided property managers with commercial fireproofing, insulation and waterproofing services they can depend on to protect their properties and keep their projects on time.

We use high-quality materials from top manufacturers, and our team is prepared to answer any of your questions.

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