Photoluminescent Signage for Egress Path Markings

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Exit path markings are an essential part of fire and life safety systems for any building, particularly high-rises. Proper egress signage helps employees and visitors exit the building or find their way to safe places in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Standard signage can suffice when lighting is good, and emergency lighting kicks in if there’s a power outage. But even emergency lighting requires a power source, and in dire situations, it can fail or be insufficient. That’s why photoluminescent egress signs — otherwise known as glow-in-the-dark signs — are such an important part of any building’s safety plan.

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How Photoluminescent Products Work

As photoluminescent material is exposed to light, it stores energy. When light sources are removed, the stored energy is released and the signage “lights up.” Photoluminescent markings are built to comply with building and fire codes, including the standards of the National Fire Protection Association and Underwriters Laboratories.

UL-listed photoluminescent products will produce light for a minimum of 30 minutes, with some lasting as long as 30 hours, and they’re effective even in blackout conditions.

Photoluminescent signage can come in adhesive rolls (ideal for marking stair treads), placards, durable aluminum strips and more.

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Benefits of Photoluminescent Signage

  • Quick installation: Photoluminescent signage can typically be attached with adhesive or a few screws.
  • No power source is required: As long as photoluminescent signs are near a lightbulb, they have what they need.
  • Minimal maintenance is required: Simply wipe off dust regularly.
  • Long-lasting: With no machinery to wear out, a photoluminescent sign can last for decades.
  • No testing, inspection or special disposal is required.

Areas Where Photoluminescent Signage & Markings Can Be Helpful

  • Stairwells and other areas without external windows
  • Stair treads and other places where elevation changes quickly
  • Exit routes, especially those designated as emergency exits
  • Danger areas, such as those where floors are slippery

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Trust Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing for Photoluminescent Exit Signs & Egress Path Markings

Exit path markings are required by the International Fire Code® (IFC®) and many state and local jurisdictions. Ensure your building complies with all egress path marking requirements with photoluminescent strips and exit signs from Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing.

We install glow-in-the-dark egress path products that meet or exceed UL1994 and ASTM E2072 requirements. With various products for use in high-rise buildings, such as glow-in-the-dark stair treads, exit signs and tape, we’re your single-source provider of luminous exit path markings.

Staircase with photoluminescent strips applied. Top photo in light, bottom photo in dark, showing stair treads glowing.    staircase at Time Warner builfing with photoluminescent strips applied

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Photoluminescent Sign FAQs

Are photoluminescent exit signs code-compliant?

Yes, many photoluminescent exit signs are code-compliant. As with battery-powered emergency lights, the National Fire Protection Association standards require that they must be able to produce light for at least 90 minutes after power is lost. This allows time for a safe evacuation in an emergency. At Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing, all our photoluminescent signs meet this requirement.

Are photoluminescent signs radioactive?

No, photoluminescent signs are not radioactive. They’re powered by energy they collect and store from other light sources, similar to glow-in-the-dark toys.

Some other types of self-powered emergency lights and exit signs contain small amounts of radioactive materials, but they will feature the distinctive three-sided icon that indicates the presence of such materials somewhere on the fixture body.

For more information about the charging and use of photoluminescent signs, talk to our experts.

Are photoluminescent signs environmentally friendly?

Photoluminescent signs contain no dangerous materials, and they’re easily recycled or disposed of at the end of their service life. Plus, because they use no electricity themselves, so they’re quite efficient and environmentally friendly compared to other types of emergency lighting.

In fact, they may help your commercial facility earn points toward LEED certification. Talk to our team today to learn more about the benefits of choosing photoluminescent signs for your commercial property.

How long do photoluminescent signs take to charge?

Most photoluminescent signs should take about an hour to charge, depending on the brightness of the light source. Because photoluminescent signs charge whenever light is available, they’re always ready to work during a power outage with no maintenance required.

What is the service life of photoluminescent signs?

Photoluminescent signs should last at least 25 years in service, though they’re estimated to have life spans of up to 40 years. This makes them a great value for any commercial facility, and at Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing, we can recommend the best models for your needs.