Spray Foam Insulation in Milwaukee

Spray Foam Insulation

At Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing we are qualified and trained by several different urethane foam manufacturers, such as BASF and Icynene.

Why Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is a complete insulation, air, and moisture barrier that seals the building against air infiltration while providing the highest R value per inch of any insulation available in the construction industry. A typical 2×4 stud wall could only be insulated to an R value of 13 with batting insulation, whereas that same wall cavity can be insulated to an R value of 23 with urethane foam.

Foam insulation is sprayed by trained technicians as a liquid and then it expands many times its original volume in only a few seconds. It is this liquid form that expands and seals all penetrations such as electrical outlets and plumbing devices. Air cannot blow thru polyurethane foam such as it can with other materials. And there is no gap between the urethane and the building materials for warm humid air to condense.

Is Spray Foam Safe?

Cured polyurethane is relatively inert and does not release toxic gases or harmful chemicals.

Is Spray Foam Insulation Affordable?

You can’t afford not to insulate with foam insulation. Studies show than buildings insulated with spray polyurethane foam are 30 to 50 percent more energy efficient than structures built to minimum code requirements. The average household spends about 6% of its gross annual income on energy. You do the math.

And with the savings in the building energy requirements, there is less negative impact on the environment.

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