Thru-Wall Flashing Repair for Commercial & Industrial Building Projects

As temperatures rise and fall from day to day and the weather changes, condensation and moisture can collect behind the cladding of metal, stone, brick or stucco façades of commercial or industrial buildings.

Thru-wall flashing is designed to capture this moisture and redirect it safely toward the exterior through weep holes and other openings. If the flashing is missing, damaged or installed incorrectly, the moisture could migrate inside the building, causing water damage, mold growth and structural problems.

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When you need expert help with thru-wall flashing problems, contact Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing. We offer thru-wall flashing repair and replacement throughout the U.S., from Denver to Houston, Orlando and Washington, DC.

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Signs Your Thru-Wall Flashing May Be Damaged

Modern commercial façades feature a cavity between the exterior façade and the interior walls. Any moisture that collects in this cavity should be redirected toward the exterior by the thru-wall flashing. If it’s missing, damaged or incorrectly installed, you may notice:

  • Moisture or stains near the bottom of the exterior façade
  • Reduced moisture at the weep holes during humid or wet weather
  • Wet or stained drywall on the interior walls
  • Interior water damage or mold problems
  • Rotten wood framing or corroded steel framing

It’s important to find the source of any moisture or leaks on the interior walls of your commercial building. Water damage and leaks from thru-wall flashing are often incorrectly attributed to leaking windows and ignored. Left alone, the leaks can cause costly water damage and structural problems.

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Installation of thru-wall flashing on a large commercial building.

Thru-Wall Flashing Repair for Commercial Buildings

Thru-wall flashing is a challenge to repair, as it’s located behind the metal, brick, stone or stucco façade of a commercial building. All the cladding, expansion joints and related components must be removed to repair or replace the flashing. Any damage caused by the leaks can be repaired at the same time. When all work is complete, the cladding system can be reinstalled.

One of the most common causes of thru-wall flashing failures is improper installation. Understanding how the flashing system works takes a lot of knowledge and experience, and inexperienced installers can easily make damaging mistakes.

To prevent problems, use only trusted installers when working on new commercial building projects.

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