Anti-Graffiti Treatments for Building Graffiti Control

Graffiti and other forms of paint and marker-based defacement of your property can be a serious issue for a property manager or owner. Graffiti can permanently damage certain materials, reduce property values and discourage visitors or potential residents. But keeping exteriors clean and clear can mean a significant investment in advanced cleaning materials, tools and labor, especially when cleaning resilient paint from certain susceptible materials.

Anti-graffiti treatment from Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing can significantly ease these difficulties.

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What Is Anti-Graffiti Treatment?

Our anti-graffiti treatment is a clear treatment for concrete, concrete masonry units, natural stone, brick and similar materials. The treatment protects these materials — which may otherwise be susceptible to permanent damage from graffiti — in a way that makes graffiti easily removable.

Typical forms of graffiti such as spray paint, ink, bituminous paints, asphalt sealers, permanent markers, various other solvent and water-based paints can be removed without significant difficulty from surfaces treated with our anti-graffiti formula. When graffiti of these types are applied to a treated surface, you can easily clean the surface with standard cleaning solutions and low-pressure water blasting.

While it’s impossible for a surface to be entirely immune to graffiti, anti-graffiti treatment can minimize the potential damage and drastically reduce the amount of time, cleaning materials and effort required to clean off graffiti.

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Benefits of Anti-Graffiti Treatment

Anti-graffiti treatment from Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing can’t prevent graffiti from being a problem, but it can significantly ease the process of managing graffiti by offering benefits such as:

  • Rapidly remove graffiti with basic cleaning procedures, to better maintain a clean façade
  • Eliminate the need to maintain or hire more complex cleaning solutions to remove stubborn graffiti
  • Protect vulnerable and valuable building materials from permanent damage
  • Reduce the labor involved in cleaning graffiti from your property
  • Make your property a less appealing target for graffiti by ensuring it is quickly cleaned away

These benefits stand even in situations where graffiti is not a major concern; various other paints and markers can be easily washed away from a treated surface, which can have many applications beyond protecting against graffiti.

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Who Needs Anti-Graffiti Treatment?

If your property is prone to defacement and maintaining clean exteriors is becoming difficult or costly, then anti-graffiti treatments can offer significant savings over time. Graffiti and other paints and markers can permanently damage buildings with exposed surfaces of these susceptible materials. Some of these materials may be permanently stained beyond the capabilities of typical cleaning methods or can be damaged structurally by caustic chemicals.

Beyond the threat of long-term damage, properties that need to present a flawless exterior should strongly consider anti-graffiti treatment, as it makes rapid cleaning feasible. This discourages further tagging, art and defacement. Properties housing organizations or businesses that might attract particular attention should also strongly consider the treatment.

Choose Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing for Anti-Graffiti Treatment

To protect your property against graffiti or for other exterior treatments and waterproofing solutions, the specialists at Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing are your best choice. With successful operations across the country and a host of satisfied owners and property managers across our years of service, we’re confident we can help you maintain your property in a superior state.

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