Expansion Joint Services in Atlanta, GA

Your properties rely on expansion joints to take on the stresses of thermal expansion and contraction during normal weather or emergencies. Without properly installed expansion joints at the right points on your property, every day of intense heat or night of intense cold can cause lasting damage to your building — even if it’s not always immediately obvious.

Expansion joints are a normal part of any construction project, something that will be included by default even if you don’t retain any specialists or put much thought into them — but if you want to fully meet standards within budget or exceed them for improved safety at an affordable cost, you’ll want to work with a team with the right experience and expertise.

By choosing Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing to help with your expansion joint installation, you’ll see the benefits of our years of industry experience. Our team has satisfied the needs and expectations of contractors and property owners on expansion joint installation, firestopping, restoration and more.

Whether you need help with a new installation project or need guidance in repairing, replacing or adding expansion joints to an existing location, you can rely on the Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing team to deliver what you need and expect.

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Structural & Architectural Expansion Joints Installation

For a building to endure weather and the natural settling that comes with age, you need to give it room to move in a non-harmful way. By working with the Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing team, you can be sure you have all your bases covered and no major oversights on your needs.

We’ve worked with countless products across many different project types, including:

  • Split slab deck/solid deck/plazas for airports, stadiums, flat commercial roofs, roadways and parking decks
  • Rated and non-rated exterior walls like those used for planters, cavity walls, tunnels, brick façades and block façades
  • Interior walls for buildings such as hospitals, office buildings, airports, condominiums and retail structures

We’ll make sure your project meets or exceeds any relevant standards governing it, whether from government agencies, industry standards or insurers. Because we’ve satisfied customers across so many different projects, our team has learned how to effectively meet the needs, preferences and constraints for different projects with perfect accuracy.

Call 770-424-8600 today or contact us online to learn more about our expansion joint installation in Marietta and Atlanta, GA.

Choose Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing for Expansion Joints

Regardless of whether you’re the owner, architect or a contractor on the project, getting every detail right should always be a high priority — but it can be a challenge, even with proper planning.

Whether you need expansion joint services for your new construction or retrofit property, you can count on the Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing team for superior service, excellent products and total technical expertise. Your Greater Atlanta-area building will be secure against shifting, settling, expansion and contraction for years to come.

Expansion Joints FAQ

Where are expansion joints required in a building?

Expansion joints are typically needed for walls and flooring to protect the concrete and keep the building structurally sound. Depending on your building, joints are also used for parking decks, flat roofs, tunnels and any brick or block façades. An experienced contractor can assess your building to determine where expansion joints are needed and which type will work best for your needs and budget.

What’s the purpose of expansion joints?

Concrete will expand and contract as the temperature changes outside, and if your building doesn’t have expansion joints, this movement can make it unstable and cause structural issues. Expansion joints also stabilize your building as it settles naturally over the years.

What if a wall doesn’t have an expansion joint?

The damage your building sustains from expansions and settling may not be immediately obvious, but it will add up over the years and result in serious structural problems. If your building has walls without expansion joints, you should retrofit them. Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing can install expansion joints to prevent any problems from getting worse.

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