Photoluminescent Signage in Cincinnati

During power outages, fires, and other emergencies, the interior of a commercial building can be dark and hard to navigate. Emergency lighting helps in these situations, providing enough light for building occupants to evacuate safely, but these lights rely on batteries that can fail with age.

As an extra measure of protection for staff and visitors, photoluminescent signage is ideal. It requires no power, and it can easily provide over 30 minutes of light to let anyone in the building find the exits safely.

When you need a reliable way to illuminate evacuation routes and mark emergency exits when the power is out, turn to Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing. We offer custom luminous signage, stickers, and markers that can be installed in critical locations to aid in evacuations or warn of dangerous areas.

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Photoluminescent strips on a staircase, in lighting and lit up in the dark. Photoluminescent strips on a staircase, lit up in the dark.

How Do Photoluminescent Products Work?

Photoluminescent signs or markers contain inorganic phosphors that can absorb energy from natural or artificial sources of light, then release that energy as visible light after dark or when the light source is removed. The light will gradually dim as the stored energy is used.

UL-listed photoluminescent signage provides at least 30 minutes of illumination, making them compliant with local building and fire codes, and they’re effective even in total blackout conditions.

Some products can provide as much as 30 hours of light, and they recharge anytime there’s a source of light present, such as fluorescent lights, incandescent lights or sunlight.

6 Benefits of Luminous Signage for Your Commercial Building

When you need an emergency lighting solution that doesn’t rely on finicky batteries or backup power, photoluminescent signs or markers are an excellent choice. They offer several benefits for your commercial building, including:

  1. Long-lasting illumination during emergencies
  2. Reliable operation with no need for constant testing and inspections
  3. Luminous signage or markers can be applied virtually anywhere
  4. Simple installation with no wiring required and only screws or adhesives
  5. Complies with NFPA and local fire codes, as well as IFC® codes for exit path markings
  6. Long service life of decades or longer with minimal maintenance

Types of Photoluminescent Signage

At Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing, we offer a wide range of photoluminescent products for commercial and industrial buildings, plus we can custom design and manufacture products to meet the specific needs of your facility.

Our products include:

  • Photoluminescent signs
  • Luminous path markings
  • Adhesive rolls for marking stair treads, doorways and more
  • Photoluminescent aluminum strips for high-traffic areas
  • Photoluminescent placards and stickers

Our photoluminescent products are ideal for marking evacuation paths, emergency exits, stairwells, ramps and more. They can also be used to highlight dangerous areas, such as balconies, electrical cabinets, heavy equipment and more, as well as any area that has poor lighting.

Choose Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing for Your Photoluminescent Products

When you need proven photoluminescent products that make your commercial facility safer and easier to navigate in an emergency, turn to Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing. We have over 40 years of experience, and we offer superior service with a commitment to integrity, reliability and safety.

We serve businesses throughout Cincinnati and will work closely with your team to find the best solutions for all your photoluminescent signage needs, from commercially available products that are quick and easy to install to custom luminous signs and markers designed specifically for your facility.

Call 513-878-6500 today or contact us online to determine what types of photoluminescent signs you need for your Cincinnati facility.

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