Commercial Restoration Services in Houston, TX

Have you been keeping up with the structural integrity of your building? From exterior coatings and brick façades to expansion control joints and structural repairs, there are countless ways you should be supporting your commercial and industrial buildings in the fight against wear and tear. The Houston environment can be hostile to even the best-built modern buildings, and you must maintain the value of your property by taking measures to prevent degradation.

Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing offers our clients in the Houston area a wide selection of commercial restoration services to help prevent the loss of value over time.

Whether you’re facing years of corrosion on the exterior structural metal of a parking garage, internal structural damage due to a burst pipe months past or damaged caulking and sealing due to the harsh expansion and contraction of your building in extreme weather, we can help restore your building to what it was.

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Commercial & Industrial Building Restoration in Houston, TX

Brick and Stone Repair

Brick and stone repair is crucial, whether you’re dealing with thin, aesthetic façade or heavy, structural brick and stone. Flaws in either can compromise the beauty and well-being of your building.

Thru-Wall Flashing Repairs

Beneath the exterior wall of your building, such as brick façade or stucco, thru-wall flashing is intended to remove moisture before it reaches the interior structure. Damage to this flashing can quickly lead to water damage to your property. Our team can get to the core of the problem and repair this flashing.

Expansion/Control Joint Systems Repair

Buildings shift, expand and contract over time for many reasons, especially in the intense weather Houston has seen in recent years. To account for this, your building has expansion and control joint systems in place — but these systems degrade over years of use and need to be repaired or replaced before they stop performing adequately.

Commercial & Industrial Caulking and Sealants

If you’re trying to keep pests, pollution and water outside of your building, then you need your caulking and sealants in good condition. It’s easy to overlook the degradation of these building components, especially if they’re out of sight, but they can have an extreme impact on your building if unattended.

Roofing Repair for Houston Buildings

Have you been keeping up with your building’s roofing? Under the Texas sun, a good roof is critical if you want to keep energy bills under control and prevent warping and other damage from direct exposure. Even the best roof has a limited life span, so it’s essential to keep up with maintenance and replace or renew your roof as necessary.

Decorative Coping Coating

Decorative coping is perhaps the most vulnerable aspect of any building, but you don’t have to jump straight to removal and replacement if you’ve noticed problems developing. With our decorative coping coating solutions, you can cover up your coping and skip more costly procedures.

Protect Your Building With Coating Services

From metal to paint to stonework, exterior surfaces are almost all susceptible to one environmental corrosive or another. With Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing’s coating solutions, exposed surfaces inside and outside of your building can be protected for years against the impacts of water, sun and air pollution.

Major or Minor Structural Repairs

When the building’s structure suffers, you’re not just at risk of lost value — you’re at risk of catastrophic building failure. It’s vital that you identify and resolve problems in the structure of your building as soon as possible. Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing of Houston can help, from minor to major repairs.

Chemical Grouts

Cracks in your substrate? Our chemical grouts can restore the structural integrity of your Houston building for years to come without requiring a massive endeavor.

Houston-Area Building Cleaning and Sealing

Are stonework or other surfaces showing signs of corrosion, or are they tagged with graffiti or other messes? By cleaning and sealing these surfaces, you can keep them as fresh as new for years.

Professional Waterproofing in Houston & Pearland

Effective waterproofing can mean the difference between a building that stands for centuries and one that needs to be torn down in a decade. In addition to the structural damage water infiltration can cause, the drop in indoor air quality and attraction to pests make effective waterproofing essential for Houston and Sugar Land building projects.

Why Choose Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing for Building Restoration in Houston?

When you need to restore your Houston commercial properties, you want to work with a team that understands your needs and expectations — and how to meet or exceed them. We’ve worked with commercial clients across the country to restore hotels, garages, restaurants, office buildings, warehouses and countless other structures. Trust us to get your property back to good health and keep it that way.

Call our Houston office at (281) 999-7000 or contact us online to start a commercial restoration project with Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing.

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