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Here in the Bexar County area, commercial buildings must be built to withstand a lot of stress. That means commercial property owners and their contractors are under a lot of pressure to ensure our buildings remain safe to withstand the brutal temperatures and sometimes extreme weather conditions.

San Antonio and other areas of Texas can have record-breaking heatwaves. And as we learned in 2021, we can also have sub-zero temperatures in the same year. If you’re a commercial property owner or manager, you face a lot of pressure to protect your investments and tenants.

You need the best service providers with reputations for quality and local knowledge. In Texas, that’s Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing.

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How Expansion Joints Protect Your Commercial & Industrial Properties

Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing has the experience and solid reputation for the kind of detailed quality you expect from a construction contractor or subcontractor. We’re a leading company for commercial waterproofing, restorationinsulation and fireproofing systems and services. One of our often-needed services in Texas is structural expansion joint installation.

Using expansion joints in the walls and floors of commercial structures introduces a flexible material into a slab separation. Our goal is to enable building sections to disjoin, expand and contract more easily and safely. Sealants and bond-breakers (liquids, sprays, tapes or rods) allow for movement, but they should also lessen moisture accumulation between sections and slabs.

Tragic events can result from badly built or maintained commercial properties. The results of poor work quality or lack of diligent maintenance can cost lives and millions of dollars in damages. Partnering with the right company is more important than ever.

Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing is an industry leader, and we know how to meet your timeline and project budget without compromise.

Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing: Providing Invisible, Critical Support to San Antonio Buildings

You want expansion joints that allow for natural contraction without risking your building’s integrity. Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing will provide slip-resistant cover plates, fire-rated systems and watertight properties for your structure. We install ADA-compliant flooring and wall systems that will meet federal, state, county and city codes.

  • Exterior wall joints: These can be non-rated or rated. They include planters, cavity walls and tunnels. You can trust our industry knowledge of materials. Façades can include:
    • Blocks/bricks: Many do-overs occur when inexperienced contractors are working with block/brick walls insulation and waterproofing.
    • CMU: Your concrete masonry unit will be made of sturdy materials that are quickly and easily installed.
    • EIF: The exterior insulation and finish system is a type of wall-cladding for exteriors that provides the necessary waterproofing properties.
  • Interior wall joints: Our installations have included office buildings, retail properties, multifamily units and hospitals.
  • Plaza deck: This style deck can accommodate pedestrian or vehicular traffic on top of occupied spaces. Plaza decks are often found in airports, parking garages, roadways, stadiums and other entertainment venues.
  • Solid deck: This type of slab can handle extreme weathering and heavy traffic.
  • Split-slab deck: A “sandwich slab” is split-slab structural support under another slab. The two layers are separated by a waterproof membrane or coating that will manage heavy foot traffic and dangerous weather conditions.

Every project has unique variables. Job site conditions, timelines and project budgets may not be as flexible as you would like, but Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing can work within your constraints.

You can count on our experts to understand your business inside and out. We can prevent costly mistakes that lead to expensive reworks and/or compromised safety.

We want you to make informed decisions and, as industry experts, we welcome questions.

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Let’s Work Together On Your Next Project

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