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Want to ensure your buildings exceed all relevant fire and building safety system standards for signage without complex, hard-to-maintain solutions or reliance on primary or backup electrical systems?

Good signage is critical to getting a building’s occupants to a safe place in an emergency, but it can’t guide people if they can’t see it — and they can’t see it if the power has been cut by fires or other disasters.

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That’s where photoluminescent signage for your exit path markings can help: By leveraging glow-in-the-dark materials in your signage, you can ensure a simple, reliable solution for emergency guidance in any environment. 

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How Photoluminescent Products Work

Glow-in-the-dark photoluminescent signage works by having the parts that need to “glow” made of photoluminescent materials. These are materials that store energy when exposed to light. This stored energy is released in the dark and makes the signs, guidance strips, etc., visible to occupants of your building. This means that when the lights cut out or visibility drops for other reasons, your signs will stay visible and glowing. 

Our signs are built to meet or exceed compliance requirements for various fire and building codes and standards, including but not limited to NFPA standards and Underwriters Laboratories standards.

To be listed by the Underwriters Laboratories, photoluminescent signage must last at least 30 minutes; some units will last as long as 30 hours, and all signs will work in a complete blackout as long as they’ve spent time charging in the presence of a lightbulb or other source of light in advance. 

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Benefits of Photoluminescent Signage for Your Tulsa Building

Photoluminescent signage is a simple solution to exit path markings and other emergency signage in a potential blackout or low-light scenario. Benefits include:

  • Easy installation
  • Design versatility
  • No need for a power source, including batteries
  • Minimal maintenance and a long life span due to simple design
  • No special testing, inspection or disposal processes involved

Areas Where Photoluminescent Signage Can Be Helpful

As a general rule, you want photoluminescent signs anywhere guidance may be necessary for an emergency when light may not be available, with an emphasis on higher traffic areas and exit routes. Notable locations include:

  • Stairwells and other enclosed parts of your exit routes
  • High-traffic areas with few or no windows
  • Areas with unreliable, unlevel or cluttered floors
  • Exit routes and likely paths to emergency exits
  • Any place with changes in elevation 

Trust Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing for Photoluminescent Products in Tulsa, OK

Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing provides superior solutions for many different fire and life safety situations for high-rises and buildings with complex floor plans. By working with our expert team, you can ensure you’re fully compliant with all relevant local, federal and international codes and standards.

Working with us can keep your insurance costs low, your risk of trouble from regulators to a minimum and the safety of your people and your property at a maximum. 

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